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  • × Tooth Forcep #33

  • All-Bite sensor Holder

  • APIXIA Phosphor Plate Barrier Envelopes

    Made with environmentally friendly materials which avoid cross contamination and provide protection for the patient. Single use barrier protection envelopes for Apixia PSP Plates. Single use barrier protection envelopes for Apixia PSP Plates. SIZE 0- 500 pieces SIZE 1- 500 pieces SIZE 2- 500 pieces…
  • APIXIA Phosphor Plates

    Comfortable & reusable phosphor plates.  Imaging with phosphor plates offers all the flexibility and patient comfort of film. Phosphor plates are reusable a countless number of times to maximize your investment. Four plate sizes for various animal structures. Size 0- 35×22mm, 4 pieces Size 1-…
  • Coricama Tooth Forcep #13

  • Digi Loops (Large)

  • Friedman Bone Ronguer 140mm

  • Grace Dental- X5

    The GRACE X5 dental unit is a whole new revolutionary product which breaks through the stereotype of the conventional dental unit. By integrating with progressive dental instruments technology, the GRACE X5 dental unit provides the dentists with a more convenient operating environment. Moreover, with the…
  • RAPiD Endodontic Positioner

    Includes 1 Aiming Ring, 1 Indicator Arm, and 3 Bite Blocks.
  • RAPiD Paralleling Kit with Bite Wing

    RAPiD is a right andle positioning device that assures correct film/cone alignment and precents "cone cutting". It can be used for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing x-ray exams using any brand and size (3, 2, 1, and 0) of dental film.
  • SMART Positioner for Phosphor Plate

    Flow's patented SMART system makes using phosphor plates just as easy, familiar, and convenient as film. Simply load your phosphor plate into the SMART Cassette Kit includes: 1 Anterior Aiming Arm 2 Anterior Aiming Rings 2 Posterior Aiming Arms 2 Posterior Aiming Rings 8 Universal…
  • Tooth Forcep #17

  • Tooth Forcep #18-a

    CORICAMA since 1873.... ITALIAN STYLE and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CORICAMA use only the most suitable steels for the production of surgical instruments to achieve instruments that are both aesthetic and functional. CORICAMA is a gurantee of high-quality instruments that perfectly fit to the professional sensitivity and contribute to…
  • Tooth Forcep #2

  • Tooth Forcep #22

  • Tooth Forcep #35 Upper Premolar