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  • × Tooth Forcep #33

  • 15ml Surface spray disinfectant

    15ml Spray bottle for personal space surface disinfectant. Ethanol 100% Undenatured (Ethyl Alcohol 100%)
  • 1L Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

    Auto Hand Dispenser Infrared Automatic Sensor (Non-contact) Wall mounted Lockable 1000ml Refillable Bottle. Battery Operated (4 x C Cell batteries not included). DC Adapter Option (Adapter Not Included).
  • Actichlor Plus

  • Actichlor Plus Bottles

    Actichlor dilution bottle. To make desired concentrations simply add water to required no of tablets to make a virucidal solution that cleans and disinfects hard surfaces in one step. Effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, Yeasts and Moulds. See Dilution Posters for concentrations. Training CD disc available. Call for details.…
  • All Purpose Wipes,

    All Purpose Wipes. wiping cloth, strong and non-woven. Box of 100.
  • All-Bite

  • ASEPTI Active 24/7 Liquid 500ml

  • Asepti Clean Non Haz Machine Detergent, 5L

    Instrument Presoak Cleaner. Neutral pH, non-corrosive formula helps facilitate manual cleaning. For use on all metals, plastics, glassware and rubber, including fiberoptic scopes. This product is not for use as a medical device sterilant or high level disinfectant. Carton of 2
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Liquid ,5L

  • Asepti Rapidzyme PR, 5L

  • ATX CR Plate Cleaner

    ATX CR Plate Cleaner, is easy to use;  Plate Cleaning Solution 250mls per bottle. CR X-ray Plates are highly sensitive and requires regular cleaning. We recommended cleaning your plate every 200 scans, or every 30 days (depending of your work environment). 
  • CBCT 3D Imaging

    Rotograph Evo 3D is a new dental imaging system with 3-in-1 functionality: Panoramic, Cephalometric, 3D. This system is based on the highly regarded mechanical platform of the Rotograph Evo, adapted mechanically and electronically to operate with the latest “Cone Beam” technology allowing 3D reconstruction of…
  • CD/DVD Envelopes

    CD &amp
  • Cleanguard Nitrile Glove

    Powder Free Nitrile Examination Glove Ambidextrous Nitrile gloves are up to 4 times stronger than latex. Resistant to fats and chemicals Limited quantity available, be quick! Qty: 100 per box
  • Coricama Tooth Forcep #13