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  • 15ml Surface spray disinfectant

    15ml Spray bottle for personal space surface disinfectant. Ethanol 100% Undenatured (Ethyl Alcohol 100%)

    Multi-enzymatic medical instrument detergent class IIb enzymatic prion deactivator with biofilm remover. Asepti Rapidzyme PR delivers validated efficacy for deactivation of human M1000* prions with the added benefit of universal material compatibility. Asepti Rapidzyme PR is a quadruple enzyme detergent with a near neutral pH…
  • ECOLAB Routine Cleaning Package

    ATX ECOLAB Disinfection packs have been specifically designed to be used in different areas of your clinic. Routine Cleaning Pack Includes: 1 x 150 Actichlor Plus Tablets 1 x 1L Actichlor Plus Bottle 2 x 500ml Asepti Active Liquid 2 x Aseptic Active Wipes Pk…
  • Eq Skinman Dermados Dispenser 500ml

  • Wrap-around Safety Glasses

    Clear, Wrap-around sturdy Safety Glasses. Adjustable size, strong design. Package contents: 1
  • Asepti Multizyme Enzymatic Instrument Detergent 5litre Ecolab

  • ASEPTI Active Wipes Pail 325 x Wipes

    Asepti Active Wipes contain three actives including two lastest technology QAC’s effective against traditionally QAC resistant organisms. Asepti Active Wipes provide broad spectrum bactericidal efficacy against both gram positive and gram negative organisms inclluding Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) Asepti Active Wipes…
  • ASEPTI Neutral Detergent Wipes General Purpose Pail 325 Wipes

  • Asepti Neutral Detergent General Purpose Wipes