Rotograph Prime – OPG


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Rotograph Prime  – Digital OPG  

Very simple to use with advanced technology.

Rotograph Prime is the first in a new generation of digital panoramic units, featuring advanced imaging technology together with a compact, practical yet elegant body machine.

This clever combination of technology and simplicity enables the Rotograph Prime to produce high-quality images effortlessly, providing immediate diagnoses and faster daily workflows.

Cutting-edge technology and design

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-2The most eye-catching features of Rotograph Prime are its elegant design and its original wall installation system, which are the result of Villa’s capacity of innovation and creativity in panoramic dental units design.
The cutting-edge design, with its curved surfaces and sleek lines, makes Rotograph Prime easier to use and optimizes its ergonomics, providing at the same time a nice and attractive look; as a result, patients feel more relaxed when they come into contact with the device perceiving in this way an altogether more pleasant examination experience. The Rotograph Prime’s exceptional value for money and linear design mean it can be integrated into any dental practice, improving efficiency as well as enhancing modernity and technological value.

Innovative wall mounting

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-3The Rotograph Prime’s dynamic and elegant design highlights its excellent functionality in its unique mechanical structure, made of a lightweight compact body, which enables an innovative wall installation solution; the unit has a very small wall footprint and takes up minimal operating space, which means it can be mounted almost anywhere inside the practice.
Together with the intelligent design of its dual-function packaging, the Rotograph Prime’s compactness makes it quick and easy to install – one person can install it in just two simple steps: fixing the base to the wall, and then easing the unit upwards and connecting it to the mains electricity. It is now ready for use. Installation is extremely fast, so as not to interrupt the daily operations of the dental practice.

Fast examination settings, better patient care

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-4The Rotograph Prime patient positioning system was designed to be as fast and simple as possible, in order to optimize preparation times for the exam and maximize equipment productivity. As it has no floor base and its motorized telescopic columns can move in a wide range, the panoramic unit can deal with any type of patient, whether standing or sitting, and the height can quickly be adjusted using the simplified keypad on the machine. Face-to-face positioning helps ensure correct alignment of the patient using the two laser beams, and select the correct type of dentition via the unit’s control panel, thus automatically adjusting the focal layer.
The patient’s head is held in place using two lateral temple supports and a chin rest with bite stick. A complete set of different supports also helps optimize positioning, depending on the type of person or test.
In order to preserve hygiene for the patient and the dental practice, the two support handles are coated with a special antibacterial paint which releases silver ions, that prevent the development of microorganisms on their surface.

Intuitive interface for fast imaging operations

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-5Exam parameters are set through the intuitive virtual user interface, which can also be used with a touch-screen monitor. Access every single function in just a few simple steps using the icon-based graphical interface, making it quick and easy to customize parameters. The Rotograph Prime’s anatomical programs mean fast setting times and reduced error.All of the information for each projection, including the radiation dose, is displayed immediately, thus providing a complete overview of the examination.

Fast and silent motions for better results

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-6Rotograph Prime stands out in terms of its fast, silent movements, which improve quietness and patient comfort during examinations, thus reducing artefacts on the images.
The efficient motion trajectory and the state-of-the-art digital sensor provide clear contrast images at low-dose values within seconds of exposure, for a rapid and simple diagnosis. Rotograph Prime thus provides a full diagnostic system that is quick to use, provides high-quality results and is affordable with a minimum investment.

Excellent image quality

Villa-Rotograph-Prime-7Rotograph Prime offers a wide range of panoramic projections to suit all dental panoramic X-ray requirements. In standard configuration, the Rotograph Prime already has all the classic projections needed for general dentistry: panoramic, examination of the temporomandibular joints, examination of the maxillary sinuses. Where more specific projections are required for diagnostic purposes, the Prime XP add-on package of tests includes half-panoramic, improved orthogonal projection, detailed frontal dentition, low-dose panoramic and bite-wing projections.

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