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  • Positioning Set of Mixed Foams (SET 2)

    Set of Mixed Foams Variety of shapes and sizes available, or design your own. 2x FOAM02 - Circle                       2x FOAM03 - Small Wedge 2x FOAM04 - 15° Wedge  1x FOAM05 - 90° Wedge 1x FOAM06 - Long 90° Wedge 2x FOAM07 - Thin Block
  • Positioning Set of Mixed Foams (SET 1)

    Foam wedges and blocks are a key component to creating high-quality radiographs. 2x FOAM02 - Circle:                       100x50mm 2x FOAM03 - Small Wedge:           210x75x75mm 2x FOAM04 - 15° Wedge :              250x250x50mm 2x FOAM05…